What is the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF)?

The International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) is a global organization dedicated to promoting historical medieval combat as a sport. It organizes and sanctions competitive events where participants engage in one-on-one and melee battles using historically accurate armor and weapons.

How can I participate in IMCF competitions?

To participate in IMCF competitions, you can either join an existing national team or form a team representing your country. Competitors must adhere to IMCF regulations regarding armor, weapons, and safety standards. Check the official IMCF website for information on upcoming events and registration details.

What types of competitions does IMCF organize?

IMCF organizes various competitions, including one-on-one battles in categories such as Long Sword, Sword and Shield, and Polearm. Additionally, there are melee competitions where teams engage in mass battles using a variety of medieval weapons. Specific categories include 3 vs. 3 Women’s Melee, 5 vs. 5 Men’s Melee, 10 vs. 10 Men’s Melee, 16 vs. 16 Men’s Melee, and the epic 30 vs. 30 battle.

Are there specific rules and regulations for IMCF competitions?

Yes, IMCF has established comprehensive rules and regulations governing competitions to ensure safety, authenticity, and fair play. These rules cover aspects such as armor requirements, weapon standards, judging criteria, safety precautions, and fair play guidelines. Competitors, officials, and organizers are required to comply with these rules to maintain the integrity of the sport.

What safety measures are in place during IMCF competitions?

Safety of participants is a top priority during IMCF competitions. All armor and weapons must meet strict safety standards, including regulations on edge thickness, point radii, and striking surfaces. Referees and medical personnel are present to enforce rules and provide immediate assistance if needed. Additionally, competitors undergo safety training to ensure they understand proper combat techniques and precautions.

Can spectators attend IMCF competitions?

Yes, IMCF competitions are open to spectators who wish to experience the thrill of historical medieval combat firsthand. Spectators can witness intense battles between skilled fighters and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of medieval warfare. Check the official IMCF website or event listings for details on upcoming competitions and ticket information.

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