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We should start with the most important question - what is the International Medieval Combat Federation?

It is the democratic federation of the national associations or other legal organisations, working together for the good and the growth of our sport - medieval combat.

How to understand that?

Medieval combat is the martial art sport strictly related with the medieval history. The rules and regulations developed through out many years of experience, the safety requirements for the equipment, the marshals trained to judge the duels and the group battles, trained fighters, all this makes our activity a sport.

Our main annual event , IMCF World Championship, inplements the model used in other sports as well. This is the competition only for the best, so we expect the best fighters from every country to fight in their categories for the gold medals and the titles of the world champion.

But the fights are not the only thing we want to show to the world. This can be found in numerous martial art sports. What we can offer is the unique atmosphere created during IMCF events, allowing the participants and the audience to experience the medieval times with all of their senses. That's the reason why IMCF is choosing great medieval castles for the arenas of our most important event of the year, the IMCF World Championship. This is the essence of medieval combat which our visitors will never forget. Exciting sport and the atmosphere of the medieval tournament. The crowds loves it.

If you like our vision of medieval combat sport, remember that you are always welcome in IMCF family. Check if your country is a member of IMCF or contact us to get the info about our requirements of the membership and join us! Together we will grow this beautiful and unique martial art sport, for the fighters, for the audience, for the world!

Hubert Filipiak, IMCF president




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We would like to give the artists who helped us with their amazing photos for this website: Jennifer Abdulla, Castillo Belmonte, the Kievan Rus principality and the BBC

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